Completed Projects

We have completed projects in every sector. Ranging from industrial and commercial sites to famous landmarks.
Alberta Children's Hospital
Turn-key installed several Tieback Anchors as well as a Custom designed travel restraint system.
Onsite at the Alberta Children's Hospital.
A Tieback Anchor about to be installed.
Reviewing an installed Tieback Anchor with welder and engineer.
The Calgary Tower
On top of the famous Calgary Tower, the Ladder Lifeline is visible. At 170m above the ground this Lifeline offers peace of mind.
This is the service ladder going to the very top of the tower, 198 meters up.
Travalaire Canada
We installed many over head anchorage points. And numerous Travsafe Lifeline Systems.
Overhead Travsafe Horizontal Lifeline systems using custom mounted anchors. Providing Travelaire Canada Employees safety and freedom of movement.
The shock absorbing end of an installed Travsafe Horizontal Lifeline.
Weyerhaeuser Canada Strachan Facility
At the Weyerhaeuser Forest Products, Strachan Facility Turn-Key installed 9 different custom designed and engineered solutions. Including Travsafe Permanent Horizontal Life Lines, Removable Fall arrest systems, and a number of stationary anchorage points.

In this photo you can see the Travsafe Horizontal Life Line system installed over the Conveyor Systems.
The location of a custom engineered removable horizontal life line.
Custom Designed Movable Anchorage points at Sunpine. An example of the custom work we do for our clients.